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Struggling With
Infertility & Loss

You did everything in the right order, school, career, then marriage and family. And you never imagined you would hear the diagnosis of infertility, a word that makes you cringe every time you hear it. 


Having a therapist who understands the rollercoaster ride of infertility is essential. Whether working individually or as a couple, I will walk with you through this journey; equipping you to feel grounded and giving you the tools to find peace and ease. Plus developing a deeper connection with your spouse during the trials that lie ahead in the infertility process.  

Find Freedom From
Post Partum Depression

Postpartum depression often feels overwhelming; however, many have learned to find their feet on solid ground and the light they have longed for in what otherwise has felt like the dark night of their soul.


There are many ingredients to this experience.  I can help you learn to find your pause long enough to open the door for new coping, by teaching you to ground yourself in the present moment, find what good effectual self-care really looks like for you, and guide you through breaking the negative thought cycles that steal your contentment. The combined practice of acting on new behaviors, connecting with our mind, body and soul and challenging negative thoughts allows you to build new connections in your brain and begin to feel the “normal” you desire.

Mother with her Child

There’s no need to walk through this journey alone.
Let me partner with you!

Book your complementary 15 minute consultation today!

(858) 287-5233

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