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Hi I’m
Dr. Amy Balete!

Faith based licensed clinical psychologist, a mom, and an overcomer of infertility & loss.


I have a passion for helping individuals who are struggling with infertility to find peace and joy once again. I also love helping mamas find freedom from postpartum depression!

Let’s explore what that experience would look like for you!

Learn how to navigate the infertility journey

Infertility can be a challenging and difficult road for individuals and couples.

Roughly 15% of couples will experience difficulty getting pregnant. Another 25% of couples may not ever know the cause of their infertility. Although, no one can wave a magic wand to fix our problems, learning to find calm and peace while navigating this journey can be beneficial.

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Mother and Baby

Find Freedom From Postpartum Depression

  You thoughts having a child seemed like a dream come true, an answered prayer. An experience that could only be described as magical and full of joy. Only to find that it is not. Whether your sadness or anxiety began during pregnancy or after, it simply is not what you thought it would be. 

  Postpartum depression is a difficult experience and often leaves you feeling isolated and alone. The good news is our brains are ever changing and we can learn to work through these unwanted feelings with help. You can find that joy and contentment you’ve been longing for. You don’t have to suffer alone, let’s explore what finding joy looks like for you

My Prices

  I am a private pay practice and 

do not accept insurance currently.


  I provide teletherapy in the state of California. This means all of my psychotherapy services are conducted over HIPAA compliant video. I can provide therapy to individuals residing in California. 


  Individual and couples therapy (18yrs+)


50 min. session




50 min. session



My Approach

I teach coping skills to overcome the waves of anxiety and fear.

- Dr. Amy Balete

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