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Hi, I’m
Dr. Amy Balete!

A licensed clinical psychologist, transformation coach, speaker, and mama.

I help professional women in transition overcome burnout, frustration, and fear of the future and women with postpartum depression and anxiety find useful strategies to decrease their symptoms so they can connect with their babies and the people they love the most. 


I do both because I am that woman. 

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For the Postpartum mom with depression and anxiety

I see you.

Tired of late nights, eyes wide open at 3 am worrying that you have no idea how to control all the things.


Why does this happen?


You are grateful for the people you take care of... but you are drowning.

Every time you try to breathe, another person or child needs something from you, putting your needs further and further down the list.

You try to give yourself a pep talk that everything will be ok, but the anxiety and sadness eventually take over.

Shame and guilt are feelings you are having too often. 


Depression and anxiety, whether during or after you’ve had a child, are exhausting.

You don't have to continue living this way.

You can have the freedom and space to breathe and manage your feelings without feeling like you are losing control. 

Courageous Life Coaching

Hello high achiever, nothing has stood in the way of reaching your goals.

You feel lost and uncertain of which direction to go.

Along the road to success, you made some bad decisions, began to sacrifice your dreams, and traded your confidence for shame.

Everyone’s needs come first; job, husband, kids and you are #29 on the list.

You are exhausted and burned out and the self-doubt feels inescapable. 


You need to make a big change, you feel the weight of it, and it’s scary.

Finding the courage to move feels hard and you want some guidance. 

Sacrifice and burnout do not have to be the cost of success and achievement. 

Using the Courageous Life Formula™,  I help women feel more in control of their decisions so they can transition to an authentic life of freedom. 


Methodically learning strategies to help move forward without unleashing chaos in their lives.

You can be courageous and confident and have your dreams.

Let’s talk.

In 20 minutes I guarantee an aha and breakthrough so you know what direction to take.

We’ll map out your path & if it makes sense to work together, we’ll decide what’s next.

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 "Dr. Balete's coaching program increased my awareness of what I was feeling, which allowed me to have more control in my emotional reactions and an overall feeling of being more grounded."

M.M., CA

"Working with Dr. Balete has really supported me through a difficult transition. She has helped me feel more grounded and like myself again."

S.B., CA

My Approach

I teach coping skills to overcome the waves of anxiety and fear.

- Dr. Amy Balete

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